OmVeda Signature Marma Point Massage
75 minutes FJD$ 130.00 AUD$ 70.00
Opitional extra 4 HANDS = 2 THERAPIST FJD$ 195.00 AUD $ 110.00
The Journey begins with your therapist selecting a specific herbal massage oil for you. The oil is warmed in preparation for your massage.

The treatment begins with a warm stream of oil on your body which is eflleuraged to ensure the qualities of the herbs are infused into your skin. The massage continues with various Ayurvedic techniques to help relax, loosen tight muscles and improve skin tone.

Finally to the marma points which are vital energy points that hold stress and can hold stress.

Following the massage. a blend of finely ground herbs is sprinkled on your body and gently polished away. leaving your skin cleansed and smooth. The ritual ends with a hydrating herbal lotion leaving your skin soft and smooth.
Udhhvarthanam “To raise or elevate”
45 minutes FJD$ 115.00 AUD$ 62.00
Dry herbal powder massage suited to detoxify, increase circulation, improve skin complexion and improve the mobility of body joints. A fine medicated powder is applied over the body before being infused deep into the skin through a vigorous massage.

If the skin is dry a light herbal massage oil will be applied to make the treatment effective.

The treatment is completed with a luxurious application of a herbal body lotion to keep you skin looking smooth and glowing.
Omshiro - Shirodhara
60 minutes FJD$ 175.00 AUD $ 95.00
75 minutes FJD$ 195.00 AUD $ 110.00
The word shirodhara breaks down into two words: “shiro,” meaning head, and “dhara,” which means flow.

A unique Ayurvedic treatment which will give you a total feeling of wellness and mental clarity.

A continuous, rhythmic flow of medicated oil is poured onto the third eye area inducing an experience of deep relaxation, leaving one in a state of meditation. The process lasts for 30-35 minutes and is followed by an Ayurvedic head massage.

The practitioner will work on specific marma points to help stabilise the nervous function, resulting in a sense of calmness whilst being bright and alert.
Abhyanga (A-Bee-Yanga) And Steam
75 minutes FJD$ 160.00 AUD $ 86.00
This treatment helps to stimulate deep circulatory stagnation and to counter the stiffness and dryness of the body’s tissues.

The experience starts with a warm medicated oil massage using customised rhythmic strokes suited to your body type that will unblock the stagnated energy and leave and leave you in a blissful state.

This is followed by herbalised steam to open the channels and to absorb the nourishment leaving you feel lighter, refreshed and energetic.
OmVeda Withania Body Polish
60 minutes FJD$ 125.00 AUD $ 70.00
Buffing the body with the fine grains of Walnut, Jojoba and Withania steeped in an aloe gel and followed by a luxurious and nourishing massage of herbal body lotion to give your skin a renewed healthy glow.