Doshas are the three forces that govern all biological processes. The aim is to balance the dosha in order
to create a harmonious balance in the physiology of the individual.
Vata | Air and Ether

Usually have a small body frame, can be nervous, concerned or cautious. Hair is usually dark and coarse or rough in texture tending to curl, kink and tangle. They tan easily an love the sun, and hate the cold. Vata nature is cold and dry.
The dullness that can characterize Vata complexion is caused by poor circulation, which is generally dry. Prone to early wrinkling and has a tendency to chap and crack.

Vata needs nourishment.
Pitta | Fire and Water

Strong, sharp memory, goal orientated, good organizers, strong sharp appetite, dislike the heat, sunburns easily, impatient, irritable, generally aggravated by heat – hot food food, hot weather, alcohol.

Skin: very sensitive fine skin and scalp, prone towards inflammations, rashes, itching. Premature wrinkling and balding, discolouration of natural pigmentation, oily t-zone, blackheads, whiteheads, general excessive oiliness.

Pitta needs to be cooled.
Kapha | Earth and Water

Kapha gives structure and solidity. They are calm and relaxed. In an imbalanced state they can be sluggish and prone to congestion and slow metabolism. The skin is characterized by being smooth and cool to touch.

Seldom get rashes or infections, however when out of balance will suffer from acne, blackheads, general oiliness of the skin and scalp, and gain weight easily. The hair is usually thick and glossy.

Kapha needs stimulation.