Shirobhyanga: Head Massage
45 minutes FJD$ 75.00 AUD $ 40.00
A blissful and soothing head massage using special oils leaves you feeling refreshed and clear headed.

This nurturing head, neck and shoulder massage brings vitality back to your hair and scalp and blissfully balances the mind, body and spirit.

Counter fatigue and tiredness encouraging the elimination of toxins; relieves neck and shoulder stiffness; and improves circulation.
Om Veda Shiro Lepam: Hair And Scalp Treatment
75 hours FJD$ 110.00 AUD $ 60.00
Spa Maya has recreated this traditional ritual to encourage lustrous and beautiful hair.

Warm herbalised oil is gently massaged into the scalp and hair to stimulate circulation, promote hair growth and eliminate scalp dryness. Hair is then wrapped to allow nutrients to deeply infuse. A herbal hair mask is applied to help stimulate hair growth and eliminate scalp dryness.

The mask is washed off with a herbal Ayurvedic shampoo for your hair type, followed by an application of Hair Tonic.